Doctor Lida Bos

“What I like most about my job is the way I can make such a great difference, simply by making such subtle changes.”

– Doctor Lida Bos

Doctor Lida Bos graduated from the Amsterdam medical school in 2004, and works as a cosmetic physician since 2007. She had postgraduate training in Brazil, the mecca of cosmetic medicine. She worked at the Clinica Newton Guimaroes in Salvador and the Clinica Artesthetica in Rio de Janeiro. Lida Bos has broad and deep experience in wrinkle treatment with injectables and in peeling techniques. She has been working for Injectable Klinieken since 2009.

Keeping up with the latest developments in cosmetic medicine matters to her. That is why she regularly attends workshops and medical conventions in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Her motto: “I think the only way to satisfy people is by making promises that you can realistically keep.”

Dutch General Medical Council reference number: 39066946901