Cryopen treatment; Removing warts, birthmarks and vascular tumors.
The Cryopen is a device (in the form of an enlarged pin) which is designed for the removal of unsightly lesions of the skin.
The mechanism of action of the Cryopen is freezing of the lesion with nitric oxide. Due to the design of the Cryopen the lesions will  be frozen with millimeter precision, without affecting the surrounding tissue. This results in a quick and highly effective treatment that is more precise than eg. the famous ‘touch on’  by the general practitioner.


The Cryopen can be used for the removal of, for example:

  • pigmentation
  • age related warts
  • stem warts
  • small vascular tumors
  • warts on hands and feet

The treatment

The treatment lasts a lesion about 5 to 30 seconds and is painless.  After treatment  in the treated area immediately occurs some redness and after a few days to 2 weeks crust appears that naturally falls off.

Small lesions are resolved with one treatment, larger patches sometimes need multiple treatments.
After treatment

After the treatment, it is important to protect the treated areas properly from the sun at least for the 6 weeks.  If necessary, a follow-up treatment can take place after 4-6 weeks.

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