A cosmetic eyebrow lift is a relatively simple way to slightly elevate your eyebrows, and create a fresh and youthful expression. It is even possible to embellish your eyebrows and to correct existing asymmetries.


At Injectable Klinieken we perform two types of cosmetic eyebrow lift:
Eyebrow lift with Botox®

During your Botox® eyebrow lift a very small dose of Botox® is injected under your eyebrows. This relaxes the muscles that give your eyebrows their shape and height and thus lifts your eyebrows.
Eyebrow lift with Radiesse™

Sometimes the vanishing of subcutaneous bone and connective tissue causes a customer’s eye brow to lose its form. If this happens dermal fillers are the best possible remedy, for they help redefine the eyebrow’s contours. This can be done using a thicker gel that can be modelled. The results will last for about 12 to 18 months.

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