With time the skin of the forehead starts to wrinkle. And even though the depth, the number and form of there wrinkles may vary, they are always caused by hyperactive forehead muscles. Depending on the skin’s structure this will cause either multiple superficial lines or a smaller number of deeper lines. But they all have one thing in common: they get more and more visible.


One of the causes of forehead lines is surplus skin above the eyelids. This surplus skin can cause people to constantly strain their forehead muscle in an effort to lift their eyebrows and eyelids, minimizing the problems. It is this hyperactive forehead muscle that causes the horizontal forehead wrinkles.


At Injectable Klinieken we believe the treatment of your forehead lines to always be highly individual. So although we prefer treating the majority of forehead lines with Botox®, we are aware it is not always the best possible solution. During your consultations we will discuss which lines we can and cannot treat with Botox®. We will treat these lines using an appropriate dermal filler.

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