Frown lines are generally caused by straining already hyperactive muscles between the eyebrows, as we do when we look angry or stare into the bright sunlight. As we frown we pull our eyebrows down and at the same time we contract them. As a result, the skin above and between them tends to wrinkle and vertical lines (and sometimes one vertical line above the nose) appear, giving the face a somewhat severe and angry expression.


We treat these frown lines by relaxing the active muscle with Botox®. This natural muscle-relaxant allows us to soften wrinkles, lines and folds and to lift the eyebrows. The result: subtle changes and a new, friendly-looking you.


Migraine sufferers benefit from a very positive side effect; by relaxing the muscles responsible for frown lines with Botox®, headaches and migraine can be significantly reduced.


However, if the lines on the forehead are very deep Botox® may not be effective enough your treating physician could consider filling the lines using a thin Restylane® gel based on hyaluronic acid.



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