Our mouth is an important eye catcher. It is often the first thing people notice when looking you in the face. And your lips usually get most of the attention; full and beautiful lips give all of your face a youthful and even sensual expression.


But not everyone is blessed with naturally beautiful lips. And even if you are, you will – as you age – discover they lose part of their natural volume and contours. They tend to narrow and seem to fold inside your mouth.


A relatively simple treatment is all it takes to enhance your lips. We restore the natural contours and revolumize your lips in a subtle way. We can even do this when your lips were originally quite narrow. The result will always be naturally looking and beautiful lips that lighten up all of your face, simply because we were successful treating narrow and even asymmetrical or misbalanced lips.


Of cause we do know that no two pairs of lips are the same, and that the final result of your treatment will largely depend on your personal wishes and our possibilities. We will, of cause, go over them in your initial consultation.


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