If you ever considered a surgical nose job you are not the only one. But in the end many people decide against it because it is so very invasive. Few people seem to know how a dent, a curve or any other deformation in their nose can easily be corrected without much trouble.

By using an appropriate dermal filler like Restylane® or RadiesseTM to correct a dent or a curve in the nose we can solve your problem. And by simply straightening your nose bridge we can reduce the attention it draws. We can even lift a drooping nose tip relatively easily.

We believe the best way to treat your nose is to use a thicker gel from either the Restylane ® or the RadiesseTM product range. And as the nose has no mimic muscles the results can last as long as 14 to 18 months.

Neuscorrectie met halyronzuur bij Injectable Klinieken

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