One of the first signs of skin ageing shows in the eye area; it is the first part to be affected by natural loss of elasticity and the gradual disappearance of subcutaneous fat. As a consequence under eye circles begin to appear. And although many people believe life habits play a part in the appearance of these under eye lines this has been proven to be only partially true. They are often genetically determined.
In many cases, the bags under the eyes can be reduced in a non-surgical manner by filling the loss of volume with a filler. During the first consultation will be discussed what the options are and what to expect from the treatment. With a single shot the gel is lodged into the eye bag and then being massaged. The entire procedure takes about fifteen minutes. As a result, you will radiate less eyestrain and a fresher look without showing what exactly has changed on you. The effect of the treatment remains visible approximately up to 12 months.

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