Botox behandelingen in Rotterdam en Amsterdam, de kosten en prijzen
Both in America and Asia, having a Botox® treatment is just as common as getting a haircut. And even in European countries more and more people discover the benefits of Botox® . But what is Botox®? And what should you know before deciding to have the treatment? And what exactly happens during your very first treatment session?

What is Botox® really?

Botox® or botulin toxin relaxes (groups of) muscles of the face. This helps smooth away facial wrinkles and lines. They may even vanish completely. Botox® is especially effective when used to treat frown lines, worry lines and crow’s feet. But at Injectable Klinieken we also use Botox® successfully to treat excessive sweating, mainly of the armpits. A Botox® treatment reduces excessive sweating.

A Botox® treatment; an excellent precaution

More and more relatively young people decide to have precautionary Botox® treatments. And for good reasons. For if you decide to help the muscles that may later cause your skin to fold and wrinkle relax this will delay their appearance. But the question is: when to start? The answer to this question is, of cause, very personal. When people ask me, I always say ‘The first time you think about having the treatment, the best thing to do is to inform yourself.’

But what if you feel you cannot share your Botox® secret, not even with your best friends? The best thing for you to do is to get all the information you can from your cosmetic physician. And at Injectable Klinieken we think it is important to really build a relationship with your treating physician, so he really understands your very personal definition of beauty and can make you feel safe and at ease with us. That is how we guarantee every costumer maximum attention. Together we discuss every aspect of your personal treatment plan. We perform an extensive facial analysis that will be the basis of your very personal and individual treatment plan that also includes an indication of the price of your treatment.

Your first Botox® treatment at Injectable Klinieken

If the very thought of your very first Botox® treatment scares you a little we can reassure you. You certainly are not the only one to feel that way. That is why your physician will take the time to guide you through every step of your treatment. And of cause we give you the time to think it all over. Should you have any second thoughts, then please talk to your physician.

The actual treatment seems relatively simple and consists of a series of injections into specific muscle (groups). Every area has specific injection sites, and the treatment really does require anatomic knowledge. That explains why we think our specialized physicians’ experience is everything. Each and every one of our physicians is a member of the Dutch Association for Cosmetic Surgery
(NVCG), and is fully qualified to perform these treatments and maintain high standards of professional practice, aftercare and patient registration.

It will take a while for the results of your Botox® treatment to show. After 3 to 4 days you will notice the first results, that will last for 3 to 6 months. Botulin toxin gradually breaks down in the body and it’s safety and affectivity have been proven in numerous scientific studies. That is why Botox® has been registered and approved as a drug.
Just like any drug Botox® does have side effects, but there is only a small chance. Nevertheless, our physicians will tell you all you need to know.

If this makes you curious, just contact us or come to one of our clinics to find out or to plan a consultation without any obligation.

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