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Our two main criteria for the selection of physicians are expertise and customer friendliness. Through continuing professional development and training our physicians maintain and guarantee the highest standards in quality, reliability and safety of every step in your treatment.

From your first contact with Injectable Klinieken, all through your intake and your treatment you will find our physicians really take the time to find out about your very personal treatment aims. Our expertise and small scale approach allow us to give you all the time and the care you need and deserve.

We gladly take the opportunity to introduce our medical team. Just click on the photos and learn everything you’d like to know about their visions, their motivations and chosen specializations.

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Cosmetic doctor
“What I like most about my job is the way I can make such a great difference, simply by making such subtle changes.”
Cosmetic doctor

“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing someone shine in self-confidence, and it is a privilege to be able to help people with that”

Office manager

Marianne is our support behind the counter and she will gladly help you make an appointment and with all other questions.


In addition to being an assistant at Injectable Kliniek, Veronika is also a DJ in her spare time and has two sons.


Doctor Lida Bos graduated from the Amsterdam medical school in 2004, and works as a cosmetic physician since 2007. She had postgraduate training in Brazil, the mecca of cosmetic medicine. She worked at the Clinica Newton Guimaroes in Salvador and the Clinica Artesthetica in Rio de Janeiro. Lida Bos has broad and deep experience in wrinkle treatment with injectables and in peeling techniques. She has been working for Injectable Klinieken since 2009.

Keeping up with the latest developments in cosmetic medicine matters to her. That is why she regularly attends workshops and medical conventions in the Netherlands as well as abroad.

Her motto: “I think the only way to satisfy people is by making promises that you can realistically keep.”

Dutch General Medical Council reference number: 39066946901


Christian moved from Aruba to the Netherlands to study medicine at Maastricht University. During his training he touched on his affinity with the construction, function and beauty of the face.

After gaining experience as a doctor in the hospital, he decided to join the team of Injectable Clinics to be able to work in the field of his passion.

Dutch General Medical Council reference number: 09928191001

Our Company

Who are we


We believe safety and service are more important than anything else. We consider them to be the key to our success and, in the end, even to standards of customer satisfaction that go beyond simple quality. In other words: the idea of safety and service being key values in our way of practicing cosmetic medicine reflects in everything we do. On this website we explain to you why we are so proud of our clients and of the way they trust and recommend us.

Our physicians: a group of carefully selected specialists
We conduct our selection and internal training procedures under strict criteria. Not only is every one of our specialized physicians must also meet the requirements of the Dutch BIG-registration This registration is comparable to the General Medical Council reference. The BIG-register lists the names and qualifications of over 350.000 healthcare professionals, such as physicians, physiotherapists and nurses. This register provides clarity and certainty regarding the care provider’s qualifications and entitlement to practice.

Continuing professional development
All physicians at Injectable Klinieken are obliged to maintain and continue professional development by attending Dutch and international conventions and workshops in order to keep up with the latest insights.

Choice of products
All our procedures and every one of the products we use are approved by the Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery (NVPC). Therefore you may not find the latest fad-procedures in our repertoire and not some of the products competitors use.

Your personal medical record
We keep a cosmetic medical record that contains all relevant information concerning medication you may need or allergies you may have as well as medical conditions your treating physician should know about before treating you. We also keep record of every step in your treatment and of the results.

Independent complains procedure
In spite of all our efforts issues between you and your treating physician can arise. But we can assure you that an independent mediator will help you solve the problem through a second opinion, through mediation or by indemnifying. This way we can assure you we handle your question both respectfully and correctly.


We believe only excellent costumer experiences can be the basis of confidence. That is why:

We take all the time you need
We realize few things in life are as personal as beauty. That is why we will always take the time to listen. Understanding your very personal wishes and expectations is essential to us. So together with you we map your wishes as well as your needs and how we can meet them. Together we work on your treatment plan, a road we can realistically follow.

We monitor your satisfaction Customer surveys are frequent at IK. Do you feel you can reach us when you need to? Do you trust your treating physician to be both competent and caretaking? Do you feel in safe hands during your consultations? Your answers to these and other questions really matter to us.

We offer a check-up after every step in your treatment Every treatment is followed by a check-up. This means your own treating physician evaluates the result and will be happy to answer any questions you may still have.

We are always there for you Our clinics are open six days a week, so you can always come by. Don’t hesitate to come and see us if you have any questions or experience any problems. There is always a physician available and ready to help you. And if you prefer contacting us online we can simply arrange a (video) chat session, even for your check-up.

Find out what IK can do for you; set an appointment without any engagement.
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